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 General gym rules

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General gym rules Empty
PostSubject: General gym rules   General gym rules Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2008 4:22 pm

There is something called the Standard Clauses that should be and are expected to be followed in battles taking place on this forum.


Species Clause: You may not have more than one of the same exact Pokemon on your team.

Sleep Clause: No two pokemon can be asleep in a team at the same time (not counting self induced sleep).

Item Clause: That means you may use more than one of the same item. However no more than 1 focus sash. Hax items are not allowed.

Evasion Clause: Moves that increase evasiveness or lower your opponent's accuracy are banned (it makes the game about luck)

OHKO Clause: No OHKO moves (Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, etc.) Also make the game about luck.

Self KO Clause: This is rare but necessary, if you and your opponent are on your last pokemon do not use moves like Explosion to induce a draw.

Hack Clause : No Hacks Gym Leaders have the right to trade if they suspect you have hacks.If you do not accept then you will not be awarded a badge.

Supereffective Clause: No more than two super effective types vs any gym leader. *Gym leaders and E4 are allowed to ban one move per gym.

Moody Clause - A team cannot have a Pokemon with the ability Moody. This rule was implemented for BW tiers by acclamation on June 7, 2011.

Note: Only the set of rules written on your Gym Post will be counted as your rules. You may link to this page for your set of rules.

Note to Gym Leaders: Any gym leader that is gone for a minimum of 14 days will be demoted, unless under special circumstances, i.e. On vacation or extremely sick or a family emergency. As long as you PM me the reason I will allow it. Also no replacement will be made for a week if within that week you get on almost every day you have proven your worth and you will be allowed to be a gym leader again.

Please can all Gym Leaders edit their Gym Leader Topics with a winners list in the future? This will help save time for me and Rayquaza when it comes to distributing badges. Further, Gym Leaders may feel free to edit topics with a losers list if they wish. Lol.

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General gym rules
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