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 Who wants to battle?

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Ito le Typhlito
Ito le Typhlito

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Who wants to battle? My_e4_11
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PostSubject: Who wants to battle?   Who wants to battle? Icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 10:32 am

Hey guys. Its been a while since I have been using wifi for battles and trading but if anyone is looking for a wifi battle, I can battle you if I'm around. I can do 4th and 5th gen although I only have 1 team in my soul silver game. I can also do showdown as well.

I' usually around from 9:00pm u.s. eastern time to 1-2am but I can come on earlier if someone wants a battle. Just post your friend code and the times you are able to come on alright? Telling me if you wanna have fun or competitive battles can help me choose what types of teams to use as well but please dont use hacked pokemon k? Razz

Who wants to battle? Typhlo12

Who wants to battle? Omfgdogs3_zps5852d6e6
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Who wants to battle?
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