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 Some $#@% called Art

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Pokemon Lover
Pokemon Lover

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PostSubject: Some $#@% called Art   Some $#@% called Art Icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2013 12:54 am

Hello old turds and new freshies. Ya'll might not remember me that much anymore but alas ill put up some artwork recently for those who remember me...
Anyways...heres some of my upmost...recent crap.

Wind WANKer:

Some $#@% called Art Windwaker_maincast_by_agilespath-d6922xe

Paper Malleoeoeoeeoeoeo:

Some $#@% called Art Paper_mariooooooo_by_agilespath-d6972tu

Some Vampire and a random pretty princess:

Some $#@% called Art A_vampires_moon_plead_by_agilespath-d69i324


Some $#@% called Art The_freeman_by_agilespath-d6aji80

A drawing of a friends tf2 MEEM:

Some $#@% called Art Vintage_wasabi___medic_by_agilespath-d6auxsa

Its storytime motherfackers:

Some $#@% called Art Story_time_by_agilespath-d6banmo

MGW: Metal Gear Woona:

Some $#@% called Art Big_boss_luna_by_agilespath-d6br5xl

Motherfakin CAVE STORY:

Some $#@% called Art Storycave_by_agilespath-d6cbmoj

Some big ayz droid idk:

Some $#@% called Art Tutarnaka_by_agilespath-d6c5qdn

Thanks for looking at my crap. Please come again.
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Ito le Typhlito
Ito le Typhlito

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PostSubject: Re: Some $#@% called Art   Some $#@% called Art Icon_minitimeThu Jul 11, 2013 4:46 pm

Oh wow sparklies those are so awesome Very Happy been a while since you postedadrawing lol

Some $#@% called Art Typhlo12

Some $#@% called Art Omfgdogs3_zps5852d6e6
Much Doge. Wow
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Some $#@% called Art
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