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 The Professor Group

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Prof West
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Head Professor
Prof West

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PostSubject: The Professor Group   The Professor Group Icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 11:44 am

This is a special role within the forum community. The main aim of the professors is to educate others and teach them about the games, and hopefully the Professors will soon be able to be mentors to users who request it. 
Members are going to have to apply by either contacting an existing Professor or by posting on a soon to be made topic. When applying to be a Professor, please remember that you have to be competent in most (if not all) of the areas: 

Competitive battling, Breeding, In-game information, Anime information and Spin-off games.

Professors must have a way to battle competitively, whether it be DS, Showdown or PO. For a member to become a Professor, they must pass a three part trial. First off they will need to pass 10 quickfire questions (no time to Google things). Secondly they must show a Professor a competitive team they've made and it shall be judged. Finally they must battle a Professor with the team they have shown to prove that they have some competency at battling.

A Professor must offer one region of starter Pokemon and can offer their Dreamworld counterparts (so long as they are legal). However there may only be one Professor from each region.

One final note, there can only be 6 Professors at a time and any Professor who fails to log in for a month without previously explaining to another Professor will be removed from the group. 

I hope to see a ton of new activity within the group. Happy Gaming.
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The Professor Group
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