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 Origins of Sinnoh

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PostSubject: Origins of Sinnoh   Origins of Sinnoh Icon_minitimeFri Aug 06, 2010 5:26 pm

Ok, here is the first chapter of the long awaited story (click here for discussion!). A lot of people have worked on this and hope that i can make the story as good as its sounds! By the way i dont own anything! Click here for the Art work to go with the story!

---Chapter 1 ~ A Villains Appears!---

It was a clear summers day, everyone in the town of Buma was working hard for their annual fesstival "Regigias new year fesstival". Buma is a small town in the north, it is over shadowed by a massive volcanoe "Stark mountain". The town every new year goes up to the mountain an to honer another year! But for the Regigias festival, its to celebrate the day Buma was saved a 100 years into History.
Finn a young boy who lives near the village always looks forward to each festival and celebration the town has to offer. Every so often Finn takes a tripp to the volcanoe to take a care of his only friend, Magby. Pokemon were feared by the majority of Sinnoh, many pokemon are hunted as they are considered dangerous, there are a few people who do travel with pokemon, but they are considered 'outcasts'.
Finn met magby when he first went to Stark Mountain. He heard a rhumor about a vicious pokemon who lives on the mountain, Finn didn't have many friends and tryied to do things that interested people his age, he told the people he would go and investigate the pokemon. After climing the mountain Finn found a small cave and heared noises comming from the cave. Finn looked back and saw his friends eagering him to go on. He moved towords and a bright light came from the cave, burning the tip of his short black hair. He decided that if he was going to do this he was going to do it right! He ran forward dodging the fire, he got close to the sorce, screaming at the top of his voice. Then Finn was going really fast he tripped on a pebble. Finn came face to face with the horrible creater, it was small, red, and had fluffy hair, he had a yellow underbelly, and squiet "by?". From that day forword Finn has been training Magby becoming the best of friends.
It was getting late, the ceramony was about to begin, Finn ran from the top of the mountain he was never late, he was scalling down the mountain, the sound of crackling in the distance can be heard, Finn was late. He spead up, and made it down the mountain.
"Welcome, to this years Regigas New Year Festival! We have all worked very hard, and this year will be more fun and exciting! As we shall honner the great victory Regigas gave to us, here in Buma! Now lets begin the celebrations!" Yelled one of the Elders as the sound of fire works flew into the sky! it was an amasing site to see as fire works lite up the sky. A few moments later the sound of laughter roared all over Buma, friends were playing games, Families were eating and drinking, and couplers were dancing, everyone was having fun!
" Every year i get this warm feeling inside, its just what i wish everyday could feel like, its like having a family again! If only all year everyone could be this happy!"
All of a sudden the volcanoe started to rumble, everyone looked up in terror as gigantic rocks burst out of the top of the volcanoe. Finn ran towards the volcanoe, he was stoped by the elder.
"Finn, what are you doing? we gotta get out!" he said in a panic!
" I gotta get my magby!, hes up there!" i pointed towards the volcanoe
"Your what?"
"Never mind!" Finn yelled as he budged past the elder. He ran up the volcanoe going into the cave were magby lives, "MAGBY? MAGBY?" Finn said yelling for is friend!
"Bi, bi bi" magby argued pointing towards the cieling.
"Not now Magby we gotta go!"
"MAGBY!!", magyb shouted, Finn picked up his little friend and ran outside, he looked up and saw a figure standing at the top.
"Who do you think that is Magby? We should check it out",Finn explained.
"Bi, bi Magby" Magby agreed. They climed the few remaining steps and saw a man in gold and reb robes, he has a massive beard that covers most of his face, in his hand he is holding a stange green mace, and in the other a strange stone.
"Lissen to him being awaken, Chatot! Its beutiful!" The strange man said.
"BRAW, yea your insaine, compleatly crazy, braw!" said the technicolour bird.
"we gotta stop this magby!" Finn whispered to magby.
"bi" Magby said whispering back and nodding. Finn jumped up and began to run towards the man.
"HEY, what are you doing??" Finn said angrily.
"Ahh Chatot look a young boy comes to fight me,Pluto!" Plutosaid looking widely at the lava, the rock began to shine violently and shined very bright.
Meanwhile at the village the elders began to pray to regigas to help them. Regigas's temple began to shine, its been asleep for a long time, and said to only be awoken in a desperate time of need.
"ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!" Said a monster from the lava, rising up from it.
"WHA! WHAT IS THAT THING!" Finn said looking scared.
"Well boy let me introduce you to my friend, HEATRAN! HAHAHAHA" Pluto shouted.
"BRAW, your going to mess this up" Chatot squeaked.
"BLAST YOU DAM BIRD!" Pluto argued. "anyway i dont ahve time for you, Heatran arise!" Heatran began to move and jumped up from the lava and onto the wall of the volcanoe. Finn was spellbound he never seen anything like this, Heatran was a gigantic four legged beast with metal bands and head, yellow spots covered it. Magby and Finn, were sitting down now mouth wide open holding each other.
"HEATRAN! USE MAGMA STORM ON THE VILLAGE!HAHAHA" Pluto shouted with an evil look on his face. Heatrans mouth began to glow and a few seconds later a massive fire swirl and hit the town destroying half of it, destroying regigas's temple. The light from the temple faded.
"you....you monster" Finn said to Pluto, with tears going into his face "YOU MONSTER!!!!!" Fin said standing up grabbing his trusty club and preparing to attack, magby joined him.
"you think you can fight me? ha, chatot use gust!" He ordered the bird, chatot sprang up from his shoulder and flapped his wings, the power started to push Finn and Magby pack slowly. In the rubble of the tower a even more powerful light shined, and regigas emeraged from it.
"REGI" it roared. Heatran slowly approched it and they started shouting at each other. Finn and magby were at the edge of the summit, and were slipping, Regigas's hands started to glow as it ran towards the mountain. At this point Finn and Magby had fallen off the summit as Regigas's hand slammed into the ground creating a crack, the crack had ran along the side of buma, and regigas pushed it and it started to begin to break away from Buma, after a few moments the new contient away, along with Heatran, Magus and Chatot. Finn landed ontop of a house which was made of soft material which cussioned his fall.
"phew" Finn sighed. Regigas approched Finn and picted him up.
"You, have been chosen." The mighty savior said.
"What me?" Finn questioned.
"Yes, your bond with Magby has shown threw, you must destroy the evil that walks this planet!"
"Why me? I mean why can't Lucas do it, he seems more faverable for that sort of thing."
"No, your destiny comands you to, you must make haste and go to eterna."
"Wait whats there?"
"i shall not revile anything more to you, the decession is yours, if you chose to go, or not." Regigas said as he put Finn downed and walked off
"WAIT" Finn shouted
"MAGBY!"magby justified.
"Hmmm, so what now magby? what should we do? go?"
"BI!!!" Magby said jumping up excitedly.
"Fine, we shall leave tomorrow!" Finn said with a massive smile on his face.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins of Sinnoh   Origins of Sinnoh Icon_minitimeTue Aug 10, 2010 4:26 pm

---Chapter 2 ~ The Journey Begins---

The next day after the maniac, Pluto released heatran. The village was in majoritly in damaged the town, most people couldn't belive what had just happened, people were left homeless and hungry, but the town is quickly trying to rebuild, recently the weather has been getting colder. Finn woke up from one of the elders house who went missing, today was the big day, Finn got ready, and decided to head out. "MAGBY THIS IS IT! WERE GOING TO GET OUT THERE AND FIND A WAY TO GET REVENGE ON PLUTO!!" Finn shouted at the top of voice, knowing that today he was leaving his old life behind and starting a new with his best friend Magby.
Magby and Finn made there way to the edge of the village, the both turned and looking back. It brought a tear to Finn's eyes seeing how no body wanted to see them off. They turned to look forward to the horrizion, it was a shining blue day, and they each took a step forward starting on there new journey.
They kept travelling east and they came upon a lake, Finn was quite tired from all the traveling and decided to take a little break, he took his shoes off and put his feet in the water and sat down, Magby sat next to him, and they started to gaze into the distance.
"Say Magby" Finn asked
"Bi?" Magby replied
"Do. . . Do you think when we arrive at Eterna and find who ever were looking for, do you think we will be more repected?"
"Maaaaaaagby?" Magby said comfusingly
"Well, i just don't want to be alone anymore."
"Yea maybe i do have you"
"Haha, well maybe we should get a move on" Finn said jumping up, he put on his shoes and waited for Magby, Magby took one last look at the lake and saw something move in the distance.
"Hmm what it is it Magby?" Finn said, Magby decided to leave it, turned and faced Finn and put a smile on his face. The left the lake and Magby took one last look and saw the pokemon moving again. They continued there long journey, there were not rest stops this time, they were heading into Ash fields. Finn heard stories of Ash Fields, its a dangerous vast area, you cant see two feet infront of you, in the case of a storm, and storms are very common on this area, there were many cases of traverlers either comming to see the lake or just leaving, they get stuck in a storm and loose there way and eventually die. Finn gave his chances a 85% chance of a storm appearing and decided to risk it. "Ok Magby, here we go Ash Fields, Life or Death now!" Finn said in a cherry mood. They started walking and five minutes later Finn and Magby were in a deep storm. "WERE GOING TO DIE!"Finn shouted. "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND MAGBY? D...E...A...D DEAD!!!". Magby was getitng annoyed now, its hands started to glow and Magby punched Finn in the stomach. Finn sat down seeing psyducks in his eyes, mumbling to himself, while magby blew on his fist. Finn eventually came around to his sences "YOUR RIGHT MAGBY WE GOTTA BE BRAVE AND NOT GET SCARED THAT WE MAY DIE!" Finn shouted, and magby's fist lit up again "No i dont mean that Magby, lets just move on!". They both kept walking and Finn and Magby were very tired, they were both getting sleepy as the storm takes alot of energy. After a few moments they both collapsed. Laying there, for mother nature to take her toll on the both of them.
"Oh my look! Its a youge boy and a wierd red thing! Go be a deer and go get them would you? we can take them back with us" Said an Elderly voice.
"But, grandma you dont know who they are they could be.." a younger more manly voice said, as he looked left and right, and then shouted "EVIL!"
"Would you keep it down, you gotta save your energy, now go pick them up!" Said the grandma.
"But graaaaaandmaaaaaaa" Please said the Boy showing her, his puppy eyes.
"GRANDMA SLAP" She said slapping the boy on the back of the head leaving a revetavly large lump. "Now, do as I say and go get them"
"Fine. Ill do it FOR JUSTICE!" He said doing a slight pose "Buuuuuuuuuut i wont be happy while doing it."
"Thats all i ask." She said with a smile on her face. The boy came up to Finn and put him on his back, and tied Magby to his belt.
A few hours later Finn awoke next to his sleeping parter Magby. He was in a small sun light room, he was wearing differnt clothes, more warmer and comfertable than what he was originally wearing, in the room was the futon(*1) Finn was sleeping on, a window and a fusuma(*2) leading to the rest of the house. Finn got up and opened the door reviling an Elderly woman wearing a traditional rope, she was around the age of 60 maybe older, and she gave Finn a warm welcome smile. The other character was a boy no older than 16. He had long spikey black hair, he wore a brown tunic, and blackish trousers, and gave Finn a stern look.
"Why don't you sit down younge one and join us for a cup of tea? Its Green." Said the old lady, Finn knelt down at the table and magby sat down next to him. "So i see you have been chosen by a Typemon."
"A Typemon?" Said Finn looking a bit confused.
"Yes a Typemon, you see each creater holds a certain element, or type if you prefer, and they are monsters to some, most people dont understand them, and there are a few who are "chosen" by them." Said the wize old lady. "And how rude of us, my name is Agitha, and that young man over there is my grandson Cecil."
"hmm" Said Cecil still not trusting Finn.
"Well iam Finn and this here is Magby". Finn said putting his head on Magby, and taking a sip of Tea.
"Well it was lucky we saw you in Ash fields, or you would have been a gonner." Said Agitha.
"You, You saved me?" Finn said with a smile.
"Yes, we found you woundering out there its quite dangerous without googles you know. Ash gets into your eye and drains your energy, since you don't know where to go you use more to focus."
"I am going to my room, you too have alot to talk about." Said Cecil standing up and walking off.
"Now Cecil dont be like that, we have guests" She said looking for comfert from him, as he closed the door behind him. "blah dont mind him, hes a good kid." At that very moment there were knocks on the door. "Hmm i wounder who this could be, you see we don't get that many visiters." As agitha opened the door a big muscly man, with shoort brown hair and a scar across his face, he wore a robe with a hood, but his hood was down, and a star above his heart, grabed Agitha by the arm and picked her up and put her on his back. Agitha screemed for help, Finn and Magby ran out and there was another man, you could barly see his face under his hood.
"STOP!" shouted Finn.
"Hahaha, looks like we have some trouble Draco" Said the big man to the smaller one.
"Trouble? I hardly doubt that Titan. This is more of a weak problem" Said Draco.
"STOP RIGHT THERE!" on the roof of the house, Cecil is standing there his sword drawn, one hand was on his waist and the other holding the sword and the point was resting on the house.
"What now?" said Titan.
"You two have defied the acts of Justice by taking, my grandmother, you to are EVIL, and shall be punsihed." Said Cecil
"Magby, how and when did he get up there?" Said finn to Magby.
"bi." magby shrugged.
"ENOUGH TALK! LET ME VANQUISH YOUR EVIL!" Cecil jumped down from the house and did a forward flip landing on his feet in a perfict stance. "routine, success"
"FIN, CECIL GET OUT OF HERE!" said Agitha.
"You know what Titan? I think i may humor the little boys." He said. Finn looked at cecil and his eyes were burinng, litterly a litter fire was inside his eyes.
"Get ready finn. His evil power is strong." Said Cecil, finn took out his club and magby was ready for battle awell.
"Magby?" Finn said. Magby took a deep breath and fire apeared in his mouth, he then exhaled and fire shot out and his Draco's feet, at that moment Draco jumped and attacked Finn from the air, kicking magby, and poking fin rapidly in the stomach with his fingers, then punched Finn in the face and sent him flying. Cecil charged and started attacking every which way he can, Draco kept doudging his attack, then he ducked and went underneath the blade and upcuted Cecil sending him flying.
"so much for your justice, little man." Said draco
"hehe, weaklings" Titan laughed.
"CECIL! FINN!" yelled Agitha as they walked away.
"No, your injustice must be...." Cecil said as he pass out.
A few hours later they both awoke, in the places were they were defeated.
"ouchy my head huts like crazy, damm we surely got beaten," Said Finn.
"Hmmm they took my Grandma," said cecil
"thanks captin obvious want a cookie for your effots?"
"THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER, i must go to dare i say it oreburge, there they will know what to do."
"Great ill come with you!"
"Why will you come with me, you didn't even last to seconds against Draco!"
"WHAT YOU SAYING, yet least i was the one who attacked him first." Finn said as the three of them walked off into the sunset.


*1 futon ~ traditional japanese bed
*2 Fusame ~ traditional japensese sliding door
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PostSubject: Re: Origins of Sinnoh   Origins of Sinnoh Icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 6:57 pm

Well here is you dose of Origins of Sinnoh, comment rate discuss Very Happy

---Chapter 3 ~ Cecil and the dog of aura---

Cecil, Finn and Magby began there long journey, from the cotage where cecils grandma, Agitha, was taken by two mysterious men. Cecil and Finn have had some differences, Cecil being a strong beliver of justic, and Finn being quite lazy only doing this to find the truth that said be reviled by regigas.
Magby was doing well to keep up with Cecil and Finn, following them and just being overal injoying the company of friends. Magby Noticed something happying in the distance? Magby burst out runnign forward.
"Magby?" Finn said
"Oh what else is new, your Magby just realised how stupid you are." Cecil said with a smurk
"HEY!" Finn said as Cecil began running after Magby shortly followed by Finn. The three of them came up to what was going on, there was a stronge dog like pokemon laying down on the bridge while three flying birds were attacking it, two of the birds were adverage hight for a bird with a grewy colour, but the third was different it had some of ist hair covering one of its eye with a red tip, it was also larger it seemed to lead the other two.
"WHAT INJUSTICE!" Cecil said, he ran foward sword drawn, swining it at the flying pokemon. The three birds looked at Cecil and started lunging forward.
"MAGBY!!!" Magby shouted as a fire ball bursted out of his mouth hitting the three birds, each of them flew off . Cecil ran up too the week dog like thing on the ground.
"Its heavily damaged, its evil how these creatures could do this." Cecil said with a twinkle in his eye. "Well its only nature Cecil, ill go find some fire wood, come on magby." Finn said as he walked off into the near by woods.
"shhhush now, its time for rest, we will have you better than ever." Cecil said
Five minuites later Finn and Magby retourned with a bunch of fire wood, they gathered them and Magby burped up a fire ball to set them alight. Cecil brought his new wounded friend closer to the fire. It was asleep.
"I woundered what it is?" Finn said
"It said "Ri" it looks quite strong aswell." Cecil replied
"Cecil, you got really attached to this, are you feeling alright?"
"Yes iam fine, its just i dont like seeing people, creaters, or any living being hurt expecially as an act of evil."
"Wow, you really hate evil."
"Its nothing, i just hope one day i destroy all the evil in the world."
"Hey, why don't you join me? Not just till oreburge, you see i was sent on a mission."
"A mission? For justice?"
"Well you can say that, but you see in Buma there was this really evil guy called Pluto, he used a magical stone and summoned a hudge monster, it attacked my village, but reigigas you see saved us, then he told me "you must destroy the evil that walks this planet!" Finn siad looking alittle comfused at what Regigigas has said.
"EVIL? that walks the planet? I see i have myself incountered evil."
"you have? when?"
"You willl see when we get there, this evil is very powerfull."
"you mean Titan and Draco? because iam srue we will find a way to beat them."
"We better get some sleep were not far off Oreburge, we will have a long battle ahead, and yes Finn i will come with you to vanquish the evil in the world!"
"HAHA YEA! BOOOYA" Finn said laying down into the night sky. It was a clear night, the fire was about to go out now, for once in his life Finn has felt happy, he has finnaly made a friend, one that didn't feel sorry for him, and didn't pick on him, sure they joke they still laugh about it, this is the closest Finn has felt to anyone since the days of the pirates. They both dosed off to sleep, exsited for the next day.


Sorry for the short chapter but iam not feeling well Sad but hte next chapter will be awsome, this was origninally suppoze to be part of the next chapter, but not feeling all to well.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins of Sinnoh   Origins of Sinnoh Icon_minitimeSat Aug 28, 2010 6:47 pm

This is esentually chapter 3 but ill call it chapter 4 for confusion reasons

---Chapter 4 ~ Oreburgh Disaster—
It was a hot sunny day, Cecil awoke to the sound of Starly’s chirping. Cecil stood up from his sleeping bag and fixed himself up. He looked at his little blue friend sleeping on the floor. He looked towards the direction to where his hometown Oreburgh is. Cecil was feeling slightly nervous with being quite close.
“Yawn” Said Finn rolling over onto Magby, Magby awoke and punched Finn in the gut.
“OUCH OUCH OUCH!” Finn said standing up and shouting, holding his gut. “Well i guess good morning Cecil annnnd Magby”. Finn looked at Magby and it just shrugged and rolled on its side. Finn walked up to him, grabbed hold of the cover and tried to pull it away, Magby held on with his might and eventually let go sending Finn flying to the ground. “So Cecil, you wanna head out soon? I mean we got to get to Oreburgh, we gotta save your Grandma and then the world, to be honest I really don’t know what were supposed to save the world from.”
“Erm, I was thinking we could take it easy, you know for the blue type-monster. And besides what’s our hurry we have our whole life to save the world don’t we?” Cecil said in argument
“Well I suppose, but I’m quite hungry and you said you know people in Oreburgh right? So I can’t wait to have a cooked meal!”
“Ri?”.Said the blue dog. Looking standing up looking at Cecil and Finn with wide eyes.
“OH, shut up Finn its awake! Hello! I’m Cecil, I rescued you from those starly’s.” Cecil said looking very happy. Magby looked up a Cecil and made a little annoyed noise, this is because Magby strictly remembers it was him that saved the dog, not Cecil. “This is Finn and over there is Magby. What is your name?”
“Riolu?” Riolu said very shyly.
“Oh good, now that were all acquainted can we go now?” Finn said pointing to the wrong direction.
“Well one it’s the other way, and another I want to ask Riolu something before we go.” Cecil said looking deeply at Riolu.
“Ri?” Riolu said curiously.
“Riolu, I was just wondering if you would like to accompany us on our journey? I mean you can say no, but I think our team could really use your help, and besides it would all be for JUSTICE!” Cecil said striking a pose.
“Ri, o, Riolu” Riolu said nodding in agreement
“Woow let’s not get hasty here, are you not forgetting about Magby? I mean we already have 1 Type-monster and I think Magby would get jelouse.” Finn said trying to protest this decision.
“Magby” Magby said, agreeing with Riolu joining the team, and had a sprit full look on his face towards Finn.
“Great its settled, right let’s move out!” Cecil said pointing in the right direction. A few minutes later all four of them headed off into the distance. Not much happened on their walk towards oreburgh, except for that Magby got tired, and jumped on Finn head, Finn got scared and threw Magby off, they both started to fight, and it ended up with Magby resting on Finn’s head.
They made it to the gates. The gates were huge and very rusty, on the gate there was a sign that read “Welcome to Oregburgh, The town of tomorrow” Cecil stopped and stared at the sigh and thought was this a good idea? Finn eventuall caught up with Cecil and wondered what he was staring at. “Welcome to Oreburgh, The town of tomorrow, wow sounds neat!” Finn said, “Hey what’s wrong Cecil?”
“Oh, erm nothing is wrong lets go.”
“Wait, we can’t just go in there, we got to hide Magby and Riolu.”
“What do you mean? I’m not leaving Riolu.”
“Well we got to do something, remember some people are scared of Type-Monsters so they may get intimidated.”
“Fair point, what you suggest we do then?”
“Hmm I guess we could stuff them down our tunic.” As Finn said this Magby and Riolu both gave each other a look that said “What are they on about?” Finn and Cecil stuffed their friends down their tunics. Finn and Cecil then started to walk through the gates; Finn was very excited to see the Town of tomorrow. The town was very organised, the houses were put into three rows, at one end of the rows is the market and at the other end is the Mayor’s house. The houses were very small and very compacted; they very all made from stone, and looked very run down. “This is the town of tomorrow?” Finn followed Cecil to the third row of house and they walked to the 28th house on that row. There were 30 house per row. Cecil knocked on the door and opened it.
“I’m home.” Cecil said as he entered the house, Finn followed shortly after, the room they entered was a small room with a small kitchen a dining table, and a mat, there were two doorways one leading to the bathroom the other leading to a room with 4 beds. There were four men sitting at the table, one of them looked like to be the father, he seemed to be the oldest possible late 40s. The other three looked like his children you could see the resemblance. The eldest looking son looked 25, and was sitting near the father, the other two looked like they were twins, they looked exactly the same and possible 20.
“Welcome home son, it’s been a while hasn’t it.” Said the father.
“Yes.” Cecil snapped.
“Calm down, what bring you here Cecil, and who is your friend?”
“This is Finn, me and grandma found him on Ash fields.”
“Well welcome Finn to my little slice of Hell, I’m Bill and this is my eldest son John, and the twins Mark and George, and you met my waist of a son Cecil.”
“Yes thank you.” Finn said, ignoring the comment about Cecil, Finn actually felt scared of them, Finn learned to stand up to people like them, but this wasn’t your ordinary Buma civilians that Finn dealt with. Finn actually felt intimidated and uncomfortable in this situation.
“So what brings you here, Cecil” Bill said adding a scarastic tone to Cecil, Finn looked outside and it was getting dark.
“Well it’s about grandma. Some people took her.”
“Grandma was taken by two people.”
“Oh I bet you didn’t do anything did you because you weak” Bill stood up, and started walking towards Cecil; Cecil was taken aback, Finn never seen Cecil so scared usually he’s brave.
“I tri-i-ied, but th-e-ey were just too strong” Cecil said a bit shacking.
“You know why you failed, it’s because you’re weak,” Bill made a lunge for Cecil but was intercepted by Riolu.
“RI, RI RI RIOLU!” Riolu shouted, the three bothers all stood up and were taken aback by the sight.
“What is this? Is this one of those deamons? No matter” Bill grabbed Riolu. Riolu struggled with all his might, Bill handed him to Finn. “Here take this Deamon, and wait outside, I need to have a word with my son.” Finn grabbed Riolu and went outside, he then stuffed him down his tunic for hiding.
“MAGBY!!!” Magby shouted in protest from this cramped space.
“Oh shut up Magby, next town we go into will find a better way to take you guys around.” Finn waited outside for ages, he could hear the sounds of arguing and shouting coming from inside, Finn didn’t know what to do, should he go in? should he wait it out? He was so nervouse and worried for Cecil.
“Erm excuse me?” said a voice behind him, Finn felt his heart sink with fear.
“He-he-hello?” Finn said as he turned around, he found a beautiful girl with pink hair and a bright smile, she seemed to be around the same age as himself.
“Erm you look new to town?”
“Erm yea, iam just you know woundering.”
“Well don’t you think it’s pretty late to be woundering around?”
“Errr.” Finn said mezmorised in her eyes, Magby then punched Finn in the stomach. Finn then bend forward in pain.
“Oo are you alright?”
“No, no iam fine, just some bad magikarp.”
“Oo I know the feeling, well you know since its dark, do you want to come stay out my house? Just for the night, you know.”
“humna humna humna” Finn studered as he did Riolu punched Finn in the stomach making him bend forward in pain.
“Wow that bad Magikarp is really kicking up, how about I cook you something to get rid of it?”
“That would be great.” Finn.
“Oh iam Alice by the way.”
“I’m Finn, from Buma.”
“Ooo Buma that’s ages away. Must have had a long journey. Anyway it’s this way” Alice Said as they started walking. “Oh do you know Cecil by any chance?”
“Erm yea, I do he brought me here, but got caught up with family issues.”
“Well it’s a good thing I came then, they would have never let you in.”
“so what is that all about anyway.”
“What his family? Oh it happened when Cecil was born, his mother died giving birth and his dad blames him and never ever forgave him, he pours more love into his other three brothers just to show how much he hates Cecil, all Cecil wants to do is become strong to be excepted by his father.”
“Wow that sounds harsh, it’s not like he could have helped it.”
“Well Cecil had one person who loved him and spent most of her time with him, his grandmother, she toldhim that one day he will be big and strong and that he should fight on the side of justice.”
“So that’s why he loves justice so much?”
“Yea, his grandma told him for every five evil people out there, there will always be one good person who will stand up for justice.” Finn and Alice talked for the rest of the night, they stood up late enjoying and laughing, eventually Magby and Riolu were introduced to Alice and she loved them and said she wished she could have her own. Finn told Alice all about Regigigas and the evil maniac who summoned Heatran, and about Cecil’s grandma, Alice told Finn that they should go to west to a small town called Jubilife, it’s a small town not many people know about but she found it by accident.
The next morning Finn woke up put all his freshly washed clothes on, and went outside to find Alice talking to Cecil. Cecil looked like he was beaten up, his eye was puple and his armed was bruised.
“CECIL, what happened?” Finn shouted and people passing by started to look.
“SHHH Finn your so load” Alice said
“I would rather not talk about it.” Cecil said in a hoarse voice.
“Oh right, so you ready to go buddy?” Finn asked.
“I don’t think I’m going to go Finn. I’m going to go stay and work in the mine, help out my home town, you know.”
“YOU CAN’T SAY THAT” Finn shouted.
“FINN CAN YOU KEEP IT DOWN!” Alice shouted back. “But he is right though Cecil you wanted to vanquish the world from evil this is your dream.”
“I know but, I just can’t” Cecil said
“What about your Grandma? Riolu? You’re just going to leave them?” Finn argued
“Yes.” Cecil answered. Finn walked up to Cecil and punched him in the face. “Dude, I think I was beaten up once too many times alright?”
“You need to snap out of it, this isn’t you Cecil.” Finn said “The Cecil I know wouldn’t give up so easily, he would fight for what is right, and answer questions later.”
“I see.” Cecil said.
“Come on Cecil you can’t just give up, go to Jubilife and save your grandmother and defeat evil!”
“Fine, but we better go soon Finn.”
“HAHA no time like the present! Alice come with us!” Finn said
“Wait, me? Oh no iam going to become mayor of Oreburgh and make turn it into something new.” Alice replied. Finn gathered the Type-Monsters and met up with Cecil on at the gate, Finn kissed Alice goodbye and thanked her for last night. They set off on the direction Alice gave them, there one step closer to defeating the evil.

To be continued*

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