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 Lockerz-A free site to get free stuff without offers

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Lockerz-A free site to get free stuff without offers Empty
PostSubject: Lockerz-A free site to get free stuff without offers   Lockerz-A free site to get free stuff without offers Icon_minitimeThu Jun 17, 2010 3:44 pm

Normally, i post news. And that's what I'm about to do right now.

In case some of you have never heard of a site named:
Lockerz-A free site to get free stuff without offers Logo

...It's about time you did

So...what is Lockerz?
: Lockerz is an invite only prize rewarding website which is MEMBERS ONLY.
On the website..you get online currency named "PTZ" to save up from watching videos, and NOT offers like other websites.

Website link here ------------->(http://www.lockerz.com/)

When you have saved up enough PTZ..you have two choices of how to use them.

How are PTZ used?

Your choice of spending PTZ on Lockerz is decided either if you take on a section that's always available named "SHOP", where you can use ptz to help pay for something with paypal cash, or buy an item with just ptz!

Then, you have the favorite exclusive section named Redemption.
When Lockerz restocks their inventory for redemption, they basically have choices of items similar to this:

However, the section isn't always available.
When redemption starts when stock is in, everything literally runs out in a minute or two with people rushing to get stuff with their own PTZ, such as Samsung TV's, Mac products, Ipods, and other electronics.
-Basically, you can wait till they announce when their Redemption will reopen, and then rush to get your stuff.

How does one get into Lockerz? It says "invites only"
If you've checked out the website, you notice it says "Invited members ONLY"

For this, in order to get in, you need to get an invite from someone who haves a Lockerz account, like me!
If you pm me your email, I can send you an invite to Lockerz to get you into the craze of racking up PTZ for prizes, just like I am Wink

I'm only sharing this for you guys so you get an opportunity to go through what I am, and getting PTZ to get stuff for FREE, and NO HASSLES. (im not advertising..im just telling ya about this .-.)

If you don't believe me when I said you can get stuff for free and think "It's a scam!"
You can see for yourself in these photos it is not

So if you want an Invite to Lockerz, pm me your email and I will send an invite to you, with no hassles!! <(=-=<)(>=-=)>
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Lockerz-A free site to get free stuff without offers
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