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 fear-the chrono story

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PostSubject: fear-the chrono story   fear-the chrono story Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 12:28 pm

Fear is the most powerful emotion. It can make the strong hearted man beg for mercy. It can make anyone do what ever your will intends. It is the strongest weapon amongst those who know how to use it. Some people even fear, fear it self.
In a house far away, there is a thirteen boy who is an only child, who is standing in his bedroom, waiting for someone to barge through the door. His heart is pounding at a speed of 100MPH. His hands are sweating like a waterfall they just don’t seem to stop. His head is hurting so much that he wishes it would explode and he wouldn’t have to be here. His hands are shaking so much that they feel like they are attached to a motor. His mouth was so dry that the desert seemed moist. His gut feels like it is twisted. He felt he is going to be sick with fear.
I heard the sound of footsteps and they seemed to be coming closer and closer. It was a shame that the day someone came into the house his parents were out at dinner. I knew that soon that I would be dead or worse on the verge of death wishing I was dead.
The door handle started to turn slowly. I anticipated for the worse. The door swung open and a mysterious man was standing there, I heard him coming from this late hour. His presents brought a chill down my spine like the feeling you get when you feel a ghost nearby. The man wore black trousers with a black shirt and a black over coat. He had a black cowboy hat that covered his face.
The man came closer and grabbed my arm, I tried to fight but it was no use he was to strong and even if I ran before he came in he was already on his way down the corridor. My house has only to exits the front door which is down stairs and the garage exit which is in the basement. My room is on the end of this long corridor on the right of the stairs. So there was no hope in an escape.
The man put a thin bag over my head; the smell was horrific. He tied up my hands behind my back, until I could not move them that much. The man pushed me down the stairs and out of the front door. I heard the sound of other man talking to the hooded man about something to do with money. But I was struck with fear to focus on the conversation; I was just trying to figure out a way to stay alive. I heard the sound of a van door open and another door open. The man who took me pushed me into the back and I hit my head on the seat. The other two men got into the car and were joined by two more voices, the doors slammed shut and the cars engine was turned on, then I felt the motion of the car moving.
After a long car ride the van came to a complete stop. The doors opened and a man grabbed me and pulled me out of the car, I was pulled so fast that I had fallen to the ground and with a thud the man started shouting for me to get up. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was in my throat. I got up slowly and the man took hold of my arms. He pushed me up a stair case. The sound of keys could be heard as it goes into the slot and the key is turned. One of the men told the person holding me to take me down stairs. I was pushed and shoved and then I was thrown down a flight of stairs. The man came down and took off the bag. He turned on the light and took of the rope around my hands put a chain around my leg that was attacked to the floor. I laid there for what seemed like a few hours crying. I thought this would be the rest of my life laying here; I then had the feeling the sudden satiation of sorrow for myself. I would never get to see any one from my family again.
After a while a man came down with a plate with a few pieces of chicken and a pizza slice which tasted a bit off. The man left and came back a few minutes later. The man came down a few minutes later screaming and shouting at me for no reason. The man was tall and bulky he was blonde and wore an army outfit. The fear was starting to grow again, the man kept circling me trying to intimidate me with shouting, and it was working. Then the man came close my heart was once again beating rapidly and the man started to beat me. I screamed in pain and for mercy but he seemed he didn’t care. He then left and I was coughing and crying on the ground. Then I feel asleep.
I woke to a scream and right in front of me was some cold soup. I took a sip and it tasted foul, like a bitter taste to the soup that had nothing in it except a few carrots and a potato. I finished the soup and my stomach was angry at me. My head was hurting and then I remembered what happened last night. Then a minutes of sitting there, I heard the footsteps from above, that they just passed by the door. I sat there waiting and waiting I was still nervous and scared that any moment I could be attacked again. Dusk came in and soon it was dark. I was tired and I felt tired so I went to sleep.
The next morning the same thing happened, nothing happened. So I sat there and my stomach was aching for food. But once again no one came footsteps pasted the door and I shouted to them but nothing happened. This happened for a few days until one day I awoke to a man sitting on a chair in the corner. I drank the warm soup that this soup tasted better and sweeter than the other one. When I finished the man unlocked the chain. The man then handed me some clothes and I figured he wanted me to get changed. The clothes were cheep and they smelled terrible, the man left the room and I changed into the old stained cotton that he gave me. The man came back in and took me out side. To a field and I had a feeling I could ditch the man in the fields since there were some crops I could hid in there and run for safety, but I don’t know where I am. We kept walking and walking there were no sign of crops or fields anywhere. So if I ran I would get shot. So we kept walking and the mud on my feet bare feet felt weird. After a while I could see a small barn in the distant. We walked closer and closer and soon we were at the door. He opened the side entrance and that lead to a little room, with a hose.
He told me to take everything off or I would get beaten, so I did and he turned the hose on and started to wash me with the water. He then opened the other door and he pushed me inside. The room was dark then he turned on the lights and the door was slammed shut. I turned to face him and hit me to the ground. The man then went and grabbed a sharp knife and started to sharpen it. At that moment I felt that I was going to be sick. Then he put the blade down and grabbed a hair shaver. He took my head and turned the machine on, and started to shave my head. The blade felt so cold and so unnatural that I wish I wasn’t here and that my parents would save me. He shut off the shaver and put it away. Then he pushed me to the ground and tied my feet up, he then got a hook and put it deep through both feet, the pain was unbearable. He then pushed a button and the hook started too real in and I feel to the ground as my feet were being dragged by the hooks. Soon I was upside down and eye level with the man. The man brought the knife again and went straight to my throat and I was breathing heavily and then everything went black.
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PostSubject: Re: fear-the chrono story   fear-the chrono story Icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 12:58 am

Nice story. 1 thing im home right now alone 4 a few hours and its night, u scared me No
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fear-the chrono story
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